Library of an institution is that essential reservoir and source of information which supports the educational and research-need of the faculty and student. It facilities learning and advancement of knowledge and strives relentlessly for quality-enhancement of service for the sole purpose of maximizing user satisfaction. Library, in fact, is the lifeline of academic activities of any institution.


Computer Laboratory

The college proudly boasts of a massive computer infrastructure and a state of the art high-speed broadband connectivity which students can avail of during their course tenure. The computer lab is served by technicians and a qualified assistant who helps students in their daily computer learning and its usage.


The Lecture Theaters

The lecture theaters are airy and spacious with an elevated platforms for the faculty to deliver their lectures. The student’s seating arrangement in the theaters is such that ensures clear screen and faculty visibility. Projector facility to assist the faculty in their teaching work is provided in each of these rooms.



Equipped with an overhead projector and extensive lighting, a spacious auditorium with a seating capacity for over a hundred people holds a place of pride in the main building. The auditorium has the following features:

  1. A large stage.
  2. Multiply Display Screen for Power Projections
  3. Proper Lighting System
  4. Surround Sound System

Science Laboratory

Rajat Mahila Maha Vidyalaya has fully equipped ultra-modern Science laboratories. Qualified faculty members and trained laboratory technicians will help the students and guide them throughout the course. The college has made it mandatory for the students to spend as much time and satisfy their scientific curiosities as is rightly said “curiosity is the mother of invention”..